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Why woterm was developed

The reason for developing woterm used to be that many servers in the company needed to be configured with springboard machines for management. At that time, xshell/securecrt/mobaxtermhad been tossing around for a long time, and they could not simply cross the springboard machines and reach the server directly. We can only use SSH wrongfully. Even if you use SSH, you still feel inconvenient because of the lack of relevant functions of information classification and tips or notes, and you often can’t find the corresponding information in the operation and maintenance cooperation. I also try to use Excel to manage classification information, but I always feel that the steps are cumbersome. So I wrote a remote management tool myself.

At first, the scheme was customized with putty+ script, and then upgraded to qterminal+ssh scheme.

After the toss of the first two schemes, I also have some understanding of the terminal control code.
Later, due to the outbreak of the epidemic, he was unemployed and was just relatively idle, so he began to reconstruct the whole plan.

Several major events after reconstruction:
1.Develop an independent SSH terminal and find a qterminal terminal for you.
2.Use the business friendly SSH open source to replace the openssh scheme
3.Develop an independent VNC client to replace the original vnc2rdp scheme.

Why do you choose independent R & D terminals? The main reason is to open source these codes when you get rich or live a stable life. After all, there is no relevant open source in China.