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Why WoVNCServer was developed

In R & D management, many hosts need to be managed because of some requirements. Therefore, tigervnc is installed, but it is found that different systems will have some strange problems.
For example, in windows, sometimes there are some strange problems with the synchronization of the screen and the mouse, which is awkward to use.
A display must be bound in Linux. Every time a display is opened, the system resources will multiply and will not be shut down automatically.
Not to mention the MacOS system, the corresponding versions are not available.
Once switched to xrdp, but found that it was just entering another pit.

Later, I lost my job and couldn’t stay idle, so I planned to develop a VNC server. Because I have experience in developing VNC clients and am familiar with the RFB protocol, it’s not difficult to develop the corresponding server. The core functions of the three platforms of window/linux/macos take only one and a half months, followed by optimized maintenance. Among them, window is the most time-consuming, followed by apple, and finally Linux. There was almost no progress in windows for two weeks, and it was all spent on the trivial screen, because QT had a big hole. In order to confirm this hole and bypass it, the relevant modules of windows were almost rewritten with pure Win32, and so was apple.

Vncserver is just a milestone in my personal plan. In the end, I want to realize a remote control tool at the same level as TeamViewer. It may be difficult for personal operation and promotion to reach its level, but we are still confident in technical functions.