Open Source List


A powerful open source cross platform secure terminal simulation software that supports mainstream protocols such as SSH/SFTP/TELNET/RDP/VNC. Supports multiple key authentication methods, SFTP session data backup and synchronization, multiple skin interfaces, tunnel management, script design, multiple tags and floating windows, administrator mode, 4K remote desktop, compatibility with various VNC remote desktops, and session grouping management.


It is a P2P product integrating vnc/ftp and other components. It easily breaks the constraints of the physical environment, efficiently uses all computing terminals anytime, anywhere, and enjoys unlimited remote connections.


It supports rfb3.8 protocol, and extends zrle2 / trle2 coding on zrle / trle coding, which can save bandwidth to the limit.


It is an audio capture component, which can dynamically capture the audio stream data of the target process. It is suitable for live broadcast software integration.